Pool day 
Shout out to this La Belle Rebelle swimsuit.
-Gregorio Campos
By / Gregorio Campos
Hi. I love you.
Truffle Luxe / Barbara C Pellegrino

You shouldn’t have to feel the need to fit in.
You were made to find the strange beautiful.
You weren’t made like the rest.
You carried your heart differently.
You breathed in what others breathed out.
You saw what… wasn’t.
Perfection never chose you.
Simplicity made you feel alive.
The Sun, the wind, the stars, the moon.. all knew you were made to notice them when no one else would.
You see the beautiful in the “ugly”.
You were created by the unknown to be… unknown.

Be you.
Trying to fit in will only hide who you are meant to be.

And you are meant to be beautifully different.

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